Peak Movement Clinic is the place to focus on your training without distraction; our gym is exclusively for trainers/coaches and their clients.  Our personal trainers can be contacted directly or if you are unsure on your needs, pop us an email - we are more than happy to help you.




Suitable for everyone, whether you are wishing to return to full fitness, begin your health journey or have been on your healthier path for a long time.  

We provide the fundamentals that ensure you learn the correct techniques and functional movements that will not only meet your goals but also help you evade injury and dysfunction.

Our approach is fun, holistic and progressive but most importantly we do our best not to overwhelm you- we know that starting out is scary and we are here to help.  

Progressive and injury prevention focused training that is sport specific.

We will prepare your body for the challenges of your sport; to perform optimally and safely.  Training will be highly individual and functional.  Sport-specific speed, power, strength and endurance routines as well athlete-specific training to address imbalances and dysfunction.

We assess and address imbalances that may have developed from lifestyle or sport related musculoskeletal and postural dysfunction.  We formulate a pre-emptive program with a holistic approach to combat imbalances.

Injury prevention is a crucial part of an athletes career but is equally crucial to the less active.



It is a simple fact that women are not smaller versions of men.  Hormonal differences mean that women require a different approach to exercise and nutrition.

Highlighting life events

  • Pregnancy

  • Post-natal (after birth are women is always post-natal)

  • Menopause

We are also fortunate to have Caroline Kiniash, women's health physiotherapist, to refer to and assist with all our clients if needed.

  • Soft Tissue Therapist & PT

    Amy Peak MSMA

    Sport injury & Remedial 

    Pregnancy & Post-natal recovery

    Medical and trauma


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  • Personal trainer

    Charlie Dube

    Weight and wellness

    Strength training

  • Personal trainer

    Maddy Stretton

    Weight and wellness

    Strength training 

    Antenatal exercise

    Postnatal recovery

  • Personal trainer

    Darren James

    Weight and  wellness

    Strength training


  • Personal Trainer

    Emma Forsyth

    Weight and wellness

    Strength training