Reflexology is a holistic complementary therapy which has been practiced for thousands of years, from the early Egyptians and the Western world.

The theory being that there are pressure points at the end of our feet, hands, and faces which Map the bodies organs, nervous system and circulatory system.  


Eunice Ingham, a Physical Therapist (1930), pioneered  ‘Zone Therapy’ which is used in treatments today.  

During treatment the Reflexologist will use pressure techniques using their thumbs and fingers to stimulate these pressure points; referred to as ‘Zones’.  By opening the Zones the aim of treatment is to help open up the pathways, unblocking passages, and thereby encourage self healing and restore the bodies natural well-being.

Reflexology tends to be carried out via the clients feet as there is evidence that feet are more responsive to the treatment, however hands can be just as effective if feet can not be used through injury or a disliking of your feet being touched. 

How can Reflexology help?

Reflexology can used to help with many health conditions or related issues such as:


-Back pain and muscle strain

-Sports injuries


-Anxiety and depression

-Sleep and eating disorders

-Poor circulation

-Irritable bowel syndrome


-Pre-menstrual tension

-Symptoms of the menopause

-Breathing difficulties such as asthma

What to expect from Reflexology treatment?

A brief medical history will be taken on first treatment.  This initial treatment is usually for 1 hour 15 minute and subsequent treatments are approximately 45minutes.

You will remain fully clothed and asked, to take shoes and socks off.  You will be sat on the Reflexology Chair to enable the Reflexologist to have access to your feet to carry out treatment.


Is Treatment safe? 

Yes, it is a safe treatment for all age groups from very young to the elderly.

However, if there are any medical concerns that have been flagged up from the medical history, the Therapist will advise.


Are there any side effects from treatment?

You may find that you will need the toilet quite soon after treatment- this is normal.  Headache, tiredness, and feeling more energised are also common!! However all should go after 24 hrs.

Polly Godfrey


Facial reflexology