Self care: necessary for our own physical and mental health

Do you suffer from 'self care guilt'?

Yep, me too!

Either I feel like I shouldn't have spent that money on myself or that time should have been focused on the kids, the husband, work... or even the housework.

It is time to stop feeling guilty about the moments that you do commit to improving your mental and physical health.

❌Stop viewing self care as a luxury or indulgence. ✅Start viewing self care as a necessity. Necessary time to repair yourself mentally and physically so that when you are working or with the family you are 100% present.

SELF CARE HOW TO: Self-care should be included in our 'everyday routine', introduce a small new habit and begin your self care journey.

You can introduce a few things at home that won't cost you the earth and will only take you 10-30mins. - Foam rolling and trigger point ball. - Stretching (I follow Yoga With Adriene for this). - Simple and quick strength workout. - Meal plan and prep to encourage healthier eating. - Walk (the outdoors not only clears your head but you'll get some much needed vitamin D too) - Have a catch up with your positively happy friends (if you surround yourself with happy people, their positive vibes really will rub off on you)

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