Tight muscles? Foot and Calf pain.

Do you wake in the morning and feel tightness in your feet and/or calf muscles?

Have you been struggling to do your Fitness New Year Resolutions because you are in fear of an injury?

You are not alone!!

And you can take action to improve the flexibility and reduce pain.

Let's have a look at why your foot and calf muscles may be feeling tight...

Are the muscles 'short'? This phrase is a little misleading, we are not suggesting that you naturally have short muscles rather that your muscles are restricted to a preferred/habitual range of motion.

We should ask: Are your muscles restricted by habitually being in a flexed posture? Not sure?

Tell us how much time do you spend?

  • Working at a desk

  • Commuting – in the car or on the bus or train

  • Sat watching TV

  • Sat eating your food

  • Even sleeping… in foetal position

These postures have a tendency for the ankle to be in some degree of plantar flexion (pointed) and the knee is flexed (bent).

Accumulated over the weeks, months and years this can add up to a considerable amount hours- The British Heart Foundation suggests that “adults of working age in England average about 9.5 hours per day of sedentary time” and then add that to a 7 hour sleep..

We can spend an average of 70% of our day with calf muscles in a shortened length.

What can you do to help?

  • Move more- stand up and move out of the flexed posture.

  • Strength train- you don't need to go for the heavy weights but training will help strengthen the muscles through their whole range of motion and prevent injury.

  • Improve you balance- there is enormous value to being able to stand on one leg.

  • Stretch- gentle stretching and proper warm ups prior to exercise.

  • Foam rolling and trigger point ball- improves restriction and soft tissue health.

  • Go see a qualified therapist that can use remedial soft tissue techniques. The therapist will also ensure that you are doing all the above suggestions correctly and effectively.

Remember- prevention is better than cure so take action now to reduce your chance of a long term injury.

Other reasons for why you're experiencing foot and calf pain/tightness include previous injury, ankle and foot weakness, nutritional deficiencies, sleep disorders, inappropriate training regime..... Feel free to contact me for more information.

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