Keep moving and doing the sport you love

Is injury preventing you from doing the sport that you enjoy?

Are you finding it harder to recover from a weekend of adventure?

Do you fear that your current level of fitness and health may stop you from doing your sport?

Did you answer yes to any of those questions? Read on!!

The solution is more simple than you think.

Injury prevention and rehabilitation

Prevention is better than cure but may be you struggle with knowing exactly what training and remedial work you should be doing. There is so much mis-information out on the web that 'going it alone' can be daunting, so you avoid doing those important preventative exercises for fear of getting them wrong or making things worse. Do you lack time or find that you have forgotten to make time?

Solution: Routine visits to see one of our sport/remedial therapist will help you identify the areas of your training that you need to focus on. All our therapists have a remedial exercise background and so can support you with training plans specific to you, your sport and your time constraints.

Sport-specific training

We all have times when life and work prevent you from focusing time on your sport. Miss a few mid-week training sessions and you don't perform as well at competition or you 'feel it' at that adventure-packed gruelling weekend away.

Solution: You don't always need to train by doing your sport to be fitter for your sport. In fact, cross-training and conditioning (strength, power, plyometrics training) is a great way to be time efficient with your training and also helps you to avoid injury.

Wrap around health guidance, sport conditioning and recovery

At Peak Movement Clinic, we can provide you with the training resources and recovery needs that are specific to YOU.

We specialise in finding the reason behind the symptoms of the injury and help you make habitual changes so that you can continue to enjoy your sport.

We are more than happy to chat, pop us an email now or go over to our website for more information

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